filmsingles04“This may be an utterly casual declaration. Or it may express your desire to extend the momentum of an initial glance, a spark of fascination that has already occurred. Or it may function as a hopeful mantra, intended to create the very conditions in which that spark might be ignited.”

– Roswell Angier, photographer and professor

I’m a print and photo journalist based in Oakland, California. I write about news, culture, and, on occasion, music. I most recently served as the web & calendar editor for the East Bay Express, where I wrote news, music, and arts and culture stories, in addition to contributing photography to the paper. Before that, I was the Contra Costa County bureau reporter for Bay City News, a news wire serving over 100 media outlets in the Bay Area, covering politics, crime, and courts.

Although i’m a California native, I lived for eight years in Boston, where I worked as the assistant editor of the Cambridge Chronicle, a publication of GateHouse Media. I was the sole reporter covering a city of over 100,000 residents, three universities, a major biotech hub, voracious development, and an increasingly bifurcated labor market. I wrote about public officials caught with their hands in the cookie jar, covered the Boston Marathon bombings from the Tsarnaev brothers’ home town, and wrote about the impacts of development and gentrification in the city.

During the three years I worked for GateHouse (which included stints at the Watertown TAB, Westwood Press, and Medfield Press), I also worked as a freelance reporter and photographer for the Boston Phoenix, before it’s untimely demise, and as a contributing photographer for the Boston Metro.

I’m currently contributing to the East Bay Express, as well as other outlets in and around the Bay Area.

Accolades: 1st Place, Breaking News, Peninsula Press Club, 2015. Bay City News: Black Lives Matter protests2nd Place, Social Issues Feature, New England Newspaper and Press Association, 2015. Cambridge Chronicle: Faces of the Unknown2nd Place, Courts and Crime reporting, New England Newspaper and Press Association, 2014. Cambridge Chronicle: Boston Marathon bombing coverage (series of articles). 3rd Place, Multimedia Convergence, New England Newspaper and Press Association 2011. Boston Phoenix: Boston’s Rap Class of 2010.

This website serves as the depository for stories I write, photographs I take, and videos I create, which are primarily related to news-gathering activities, but are frequently the result of a curious eye. You’ll find everything from portraits of family members and places familiar to me to breaking news stories and arts and entertainment features.

Tips or story ideas? Need a photographer for a wedding, headshot, album cover, concert coverage, or any other event? Email me at erin.baldassari@gmail.com.


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