PHOTOSHOOT: Slaine & The Boston Project

I was honored to work with one of Boston’s hip hop legends, South Boston’s Slaine, for his newest album, the Boston Project – a tribute to the city’s eclectic hip hop scene – set to drop in just a few days. It’s the second time I’ve worked with the emcee-turned-actor after shooting photos for Slaine’s World with No Skies album some two and half years ago. For this most recent project, Slaine worked with Boston-based producer Lu Balz to put the album together and collaborated with not only some of Beantown’s best-known artists, like Termanology, Reks, Esoteric, Ed O.G., Smoke Bulga, Lou Armstrong, and Jaysaun, but  some of it’s up-and-coming stars, including Dutch Rebelle and Moroney as well. Per the album’s website: “Not only is “The Boston Project” an audio snapshot of life within the city limits, but it’s also a celebration of the wealth of musical talent that the city of Boston has to offer.”

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