BLIZZARD 2013: A recap

Day One: Activity in the city grinds to a halt as snow blankets the streets, Friday, Feb. 8, 2013. A bus driver pulls into Central Square for the last route of the day at just after 4 p.m.. but workers shoveling snow and plow operators stay on through the night. Weather forecasters projected this storm would rival the Blizzard of 1978, the largest in half a century.

MA_CC_NEMO02 0214W MA_CC_NEMO04 0214W MA_CC_NEMO07 0214W MA_CC_NEMO08 0214W MA_CC_NEMO01 0214W MA_CC_NEMO10 0214W

Day Two: Spirits are high as the dig out ensues after the storm drops 26 inches of snow. Students from MIT and Harvard play in their respective yards building igloos and snow forts or flipping into giant snowbanks. The streets are mostly pedestrian thoroughfares, save for snow plows and emergency vehicles and the occasional car.

MA_CC_NEMO13 0214W MA_CC_NEMO19 0214W MA_CC_NEMO20 0214W MA_CC_NEMO15 0214W MA_CC_NEMO18 0214W MA_CC_NEMO17 0214W MA_CC_NEMO22 0214W

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