my family

I’ve wanted to take portraits of the fam for almost as long as I’ve been photographing. I finally had the opportunity when everyone was all in one place for grandmother’s 80th birthday. It wasn’t the most ideal situation for a portrait session, but I’m glad we got the opportunity regardless.

Beginning with the matriarch: Grandma Phyllis Weir

Phyllis’s brother, my great uncle Wayne Ford and his wife Aurelia Ford:

Phyllis’s eldest, Charlene Weir:

Charlene’s oldest daughter, Lindsey North Kankainen:

Lindsey’s husband Matt Kankainen:

Charlene’s youngest son, Clay North:

Phyllis’s first son Mike Weir with his wife Carol Weir:

Uncle Mike and Carol’s two children, Brian Weir and Sara Linn Weir:

My mom, Kathleen Ann Weir Baldassari with my dad, Mark Munteanu Baldassari:

Dad, being a gangsta:

The twins – my two older siblings, Teresa and Robert:

Me! In a family full of photographers, it wasn’t hard to find someone to step in to take this shot:

Phyllis’s youngest son, Kerry Weir (goofball of the family):

And, finally, the youngest cousin, Kerry’s son Josh Weir:

Now, some important friends of the fam – my sister Teresa’s best friend RoseAnn Braunstein with her boyfriend:

And, Ned Wellbery, smiling for once in a photograph:

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