Sam Scott: Stuck Dreaming

Photos for Sam Scott’s forthcoming mixed tape: Stuck Dreaming. It’s the first solo project for Sam in a long time. He’s been singing hooks on a number of hip hop albums over the past year and a half, including a collaboration with emcee Al-J in Boom Vox. Stuck Dreaming promises something for everyone – pop songs, guest features from local rappers, and a few ballads to round things out. The stand-out single, which doubles as the album title, goes deeper than any of the cotton-candy-sweet songs, airy and easy to hear, and perhaps offers a sneak-peak where Scott might take listeners in his next full-length album – a place that’s straining to cover the veneer of his sunshiny demeanor. The song is still filled with Scott’s trademark optimism but it carries a different weight- one that’s filled with the knowledge of having trod an uneven path. And, it’s the most honest song on the CD. The shoot was an idea that Sam came up with. Ideally, we would have shot the photos in a studio two or three times as big as the space we had and fill it with six or seven times as many hanging lights. In the end, we worked with what we had.

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