Behind the Scenes of Rap Class 2011: Rite Hook and Jason Jenkins

Take a look behind the scenes at the video shoots for the Boston Phoenix Rap Class 2011. Each of the directors who participated deserve a big shout out. Not only did they take a chance on a project that hasn’t really been done before (to my knowledge)- creating original 60-second video clips for a music review- some of the directors had never worked with or even met the artist they were paired with. Look closely and each video is a testament of both the artist and the director.

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I stumbled upon director Jason Jenkins after asking a few artists who they had used in the past. Despite having some serious industry experience under his belt, Jenkins’s online presence is mostly focused on skateboarding. Immediately, I knew he could shoot music videos. I was especially eager to pair him with grunge-hip hop artist Rite Hook. Although the two had never worked together before, they produced one of the most unique videos of the bunch, a credit to both Jenkins’s visionary timing techniques and Hook’s rather remarkable mural. Not to mention Jenkins was the first director to shoot his video and the second to turn his in.

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