Rally 4 Sanity and/or Fear

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Friday morning I get picked up by six degenerate hipsters in an over-sized heavily modified grey van. You can imagine what that entailed. Weed, beer, and a near 3 hour late start. We were off…

No breakdowns, no tickets, and no cops. We made the trip in over 10 hours. I got off at 6th and D St to wander the streets of DC. I met up with a vagrant friend made it to a youth hostel where they were kind enough to let us use their couches for free and steal their tea (no coffee there but no certainly no tea baggers either).

The din in the kitchen of the hostel was so loud there was no use fighting it. We joined in, our voices growing louder as the bottles drained and though our semi-drunken ramblings over healthcare and racism and the state of education were heated we were happy to jump topics as quickly as we finished off beers.

When most of the kitchen party had retired to respective rooms, we made our way into the basement, scrounging blankets from wherever we could find them. At 7 I woke up to my fellow traveler hovering over me. Maybe I hadn’t heard the alarm. We dressed, bleary eyed and disoriented. The metro was packed when it came. Some man came in from behind and started pushing people in. There wasn’t enough space. I saw the doors closing behind me, my friend on the other side. There was no turning back.

I arrived on the mall – the soft morning light pouring over hoards of people as they made their way from the metro to the make-shift stage set for the day’s events. Sure there were signs and costumes and bearded hippies – that was to be expected. But there was also an 80-year-old woman wheeled by her white-haired son, a decorated veteran and even a scrawny kid in full camouflage gear. Who were they trying to fool? Surely they didn’t watch the Daily Show…as soon as the thought passed through my head – the grandma whipped out a TEAM SANITY sign and the veteran shook hands with TEAM FEAR member. Was that laughter I heard out of him? Where were the counter protesters? Where was the outrage?

As time withered until the start of the rally, the crowd swelled, growing in size, force and absurdity. The rest was well, quite reasonable.


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