the Macrotones get dirty…

Not quite Afro beat, reggae, jam-band, rock, or jazz, the 11-member outfit, the Macrotones set themselves apart with a sound unlike any of their peers, no matter the genre. Breaking off from a Fela-esq start-up band, trombonist Nate Leskovic and drummer Aaron Duffy scoured craigslist and elsewhere for musicians interested in a type of collaborative musical tradition rooted in funk for a unique danceable sound.

“It’s not fun to just have someone tell you what to do,” says Leskovic. “That’s always been our philosophy for the group. You bring a song to the band, but the band makes it their own, and everyone contributes their own part.”

Despite the challenge of coordinating 11 musicians to practice and record, the collective has successfully built up a large cult following in Somerville after several months of a residency at Johnny D’s. They’ve caught the attention of more than a few bloggers who have described their sound as a tight display of funk and percussive aggression, the soundtrack to a spy movie, and a tasty musical stew.

“We’re not traditional afro beat,” Leskovis says. “We say heavy afro funk because we like to include more rock and more funk…so it’s a little more danceable. And, it can get more intense.”

Of course, Chris Faraone said it best back in 2009 when he wrote, “Put these guys in tuxedos and they could rock a black wedding to the bone; keep them grimy and they’ll continue smacking Boston’s underground silly.”

Prophecy? Perhaps. Their first record had their keyboardist playing a Rhodes electric piano, giving the group a jazzy sound, but their new pianist is rocking an organ, making it a lot more crunchy and a lot more dirty. They’ll be soiling it up at Western Front this Friday at a show presented by Leedz Edutainment. Be sure to check out their newest material that band member Leskovic says is a “huge leap forward from our last record.” More developed, more structured, and more intense, the Macrotones are only just beginning to let shit hit the fan.

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