AnnieMulz soft opening, Newbury Street

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Newbury just got a little bit more interesting. AnnieMulz opened the “Concrete Jungle” at 299 Newbury yesterday evening with a reception for the store’s designers, friends and fam. I met Matt and Mike, the co-founders of the clothing line who co-own the pop-up. The duo brought together a half dozen of the freshest young designers, artists, jewelry and luxury bag makers Boston has to offer to take part in the all-local, all-underground clothing and accessories store. I was there with Steve Aldeus, aka Rangarok Clothing, and his cousin, Kevin, who were selling their own watches. As they were setting up the display case, I got a chance to wander around and met Alex Shultz and his partner George were there representing their luxury bag line, George Guest, along with Tenny Khounviengsay and Sam Cruz of, an urban clothing retail store. Also there was Ari, by Aryana, with an impressive jewelery collection. And last but not least, Kate and James from Lot F Gallery who provided all of the artwork that makes the store much more than a just a collection of clothing from dope designers. It’s a small haven for the underground clothing design and art scene in Boston, and definitely worth the trip.


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